Adventurous Days Turn into Incredible Nights

Moab’s surrounding area is home to some of the darkest skies in the continental U.S. After an adventure-packed day, take some time at night to relax under a blanket of dark skies with bright stars. Moab wasn’t dubbed Utah’s adventure hot spot for nothing. It holds beauty and excitement all year round, day and night. Continue your daytime excursions into night with an amazing star gazing experience. Check out these three spots while you’re in town to get the most of your viewing experience:

  • Dead Horse Point State Park is recognized as an International Dark Sky Park and is easily accessible for a night of stargazing. You can often find events and programs offered by the Park’s staff such as full-moon walks and telescopes set out for the public to enjoy.
  • Canyonlands National Park has night skies that are so incredible the International Dark Sky Association rated it as a Gold-Tier International Dark Sky Park. Ranger-led activities are also frequently available, attracting visitors from all over the world. The Park has even replaced light bulbs and fixtures to “night-sky friendly” lighting to ensure an optimal viewing experience.
  • Arches National Park is another local site for seeing beautiful stars due to its relative isolation from the city. Like Canyonlands, the Park’s lighting has also been replaced with night-sky friendly fixtures. You can see brilliant stars anywhere in Arches, but as you head north, the sky gets darker and darker. Check out Balanced Rock Picnic Area, The Windows, or the Garden of Eden Viewpoint as easy-to-access options for stargazing in this Park.

The night skies in these areas can be so brilliant that even common binoculars can reveal Saturn’s rings on the right nights. Because of light pollution, it’s not typical in today’s world to be able to see a wealth of stars with the naked eye in many locations. That’s why our sky here in Moab is an absolute invaluable treasure that we hope to always protect.

Respect for nature is top priority in Moab. The great outdoors should be enjoyed to the fullest, but responsibly so that generation after generation can enjoy nature’s gifts. Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks is a local organization dedicated to promoting appreciation and preservation of Moab’s unique and rare dark skies.

But before the night falls, the day brings excitement and thrill for everyone of all ages. Take a few hikes, grab a Jeep or Side-by-Side tour, or walk Moab’s main street for some art and culture. The sky is the literal limit here in Moab, with endless options to fill your adrenaline-junkie tank or your need for ultimate relaxation. The Grand Company can get your heart racing with a personalized tour, including “follow me” tours which are great for the prepared adventure seeker that may not know the area very well. Hook up with us during the day, then head out at night to finish off the excitement under the most amazing view of the stars you can find.

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