Why The Beast is the best!

Moab is insanely beautiful, you already know that, but do you know the very best way to see it? On The Beast! At the Grand Company, you can hop on our open cab vehicle made for family-friendly fun to experience it all from the best (and safest) view. The Beast sits on huge, 46-inch tires and has stadium seating so the whole family can participate in the adventure. We’ll take you through ancient dino territory, breathtaking climbs and descents that are sure to thrill, and Slickrock roller coasters in style. Everyone has a four-point harness in the vehicle, and it has an eight-point roll cage for added safety. More security means less stress so you can enjoy the sights and experiences to the fullest.

Hell’s Revenge is about 7 miles of pure excitement, with obstacles throughout the entire ride. This certainly is not your typical Sunday drive, and you’ll want to be prepared with closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, and plenty of courage. Hell’s Revenge didn’t get its name until 1973 when Dan Mick decided to brave this drive with his friend George Schultz on a hot, summer day. Popular obstacles include the Escalator, Black Hole, Mickey’s Hot Tub, and the Lion’s Back. You’ll also be able to see breathtaking views of the La Sal Mountains, Abyss Canyon, Negro Bill Canyon, and the Colorado River. Although this drive is one of the most popular ones in Moab, you don’t want to challenge the rough terrain without advanced equipment and proper experience. We’ve had to rescue several underprepared thrill-seekers off this route in the past with our recovery services. The full trail can take about 3-4 hours to navigate, but our family-geared tours are offered at 1.5 or 2.5 hours so you can pick your thrill level limits.

Our expert navigators are friendly and informative throughout the experience. Ask them questions—they love to share their knowledge about the area and all its fascinating history! If you’re completely on the fence about experiencing Hell’s Revenge, check out the many YouTube videos online to get an idea. It’s popular for a reason, and you’ll quickly see why. It may look terrifying in personal videos, but remember that at the Grand Company, we do this all the time and ensure the safest experience you can get while maximizing adventure. Braving this feat is impressive, and you’ll want to capture every moment for the gram! Be sure to hashtag your experience for others to see, too. People flock from around the world to experience Moab’s one-of-a-kind adventure.

If you truly are petrified of heights, however, you may want to sit this one out at one of Moab’s amazing restaurants or art galleries. Your family can meet up with you later to lower their heart rates after the exhilaration of The Beast. From art galleries and museums to local breweries and fine dining, you’re sure to find something to please your palate. As local experts, we are happy to give personalized recommendations for your family’s trip.

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